The Agrestis Cooperative

The Agrestis Cooperative

The Agrestis Cooperative society works in Buccheri, a small town in the Syracuse hinterland (Iblei Mountains) of South East Sicily. The town is about 600-700 meters above sea level, in an area where the olive trees symbolise a pluri-secular culture.

Since 2003 the three co-partners Giuseppe, Lorenzo and Silvana, stimulated by a strong love for their land, decided to increase the value of the typical product of their area; the extra virgin olive oil.

Today with passion, pride and sheer dedication The Agrestis Cooperative has gained prestigious results and has won many awards both within Italy and internationally for its exceptional extra virgin olive oil not to mention its unique vegetable pates.

With the help of their sons (Peitro and Salvatore) the co-partners Giuseppe, Lorenzo and Silvana have been able to produce exceptional products which are now appreciated by olive oil lovers across Italy and around the world including Japan, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and now finally in Australia through Benfatti - Fine Italian Foods.

The Agrestis Cooperative

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