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Benfatti is a leading boutique Italian Food importer, supplier and distributor in Australia. We specialise in importing and distributing artisan made Italian food products of the highest quality. Benfatti is headquartered in Brisbane and has a reliable network of distributors in place across Sydney, Illawarra, Canberra and Melbourne. We are currently looking to partner with established food distributors in Adelaide and Perth.


Our Mission:

To bring joy to foodies by offering them hard-to-find genuine artisan foods from the countrysides of Italy.

Who we are:

We are a boutique Italian fine foods business delivering Australia wide. We specialise in sourcing, importing and distributing the highest quality, 'hard to find' authentic artisan foods from the countrysides of Italy.

We are passionate supporters of Italian artisan families:

As a family run business, we choose to only source products made by Italian artisan families who for generations, have valued and maintained a love for their region's traditional foods. We find immense joy in helping our customers foster an appreciation for the care and commitment, workmanship and sheer dedication our artisan producers have placed in each of their unique products.

We have genuine respect for the 'old school':

We believe there is nothing better than genuine, authentic, regional Italian foods made the old fashion way. We will not compromise on this attribute and see it as our responsibility to offer our customers fine Italian foods, which are the 'real deal', and of exceptional quality.

We encourage you to indulge a little:

We encourage you to reward yourself every now and then and experience 'la bella vita' through indulging in fine Italian foods. The products we offer are not designed to be cheap everyday items that simply suffice. Rather, they are masterpieces of exquisite taste and beauty and are designed to bring immense joy to your meals.

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